Tom Newspring

Product Designer at Addressfinder.

My most important design tools: pen, paper, and a good question.


I am a product designer crafting user-centric experiences through thoughtful design, effective research, and continous learning.

My design journey has taken me across diverse industries after attending the Apple Developer Academy, where I have tackled challenges ranging from native mobile app interfaces to complex web-based dashboards.
I have a particular knack for developing and implementing robust design systems that ensure consistency and efficiency in creating cohesive user experiences.

With fundamental coding skills in HTML, CSS, JS, and Swift, I bridge the gap between design and development, enabling me to collaborate effectively with developers, and iterate on designs with precision.

Understanding users, effective communication with stakeholders, and a systematic approach to accessible and inclusive design are the cornerstones of excellence in my work.

I am always open to hear about new opportunities. If you are interested in any form of collaboration, feel free to reach out to me at